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19 November 2017 by Martin Driscoll

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I left work in 2015 setting myself the challenge to learn what all the non-SAP people I worked with seemed to be calling ‘digital transformation’. The best definition I could find at the time for ‘digital transformation’ was something like ‘delivering business change and adding value through the delivery of technology change’. To me this sounded exactly the same thing that I had been doing for 20 years in the SAP space yet many seemed to be saying that SAP was old and ‘not digital’ while many other things (that I knew nothing of) were new and clearly ‘digital’.

This did not make sense to me. So I thought I would investigate further.

I bought some books (belonging, as I do, to the generation that still gets to learn from reading hardcopy). I spent a lot of time online. I came to understand many more things than I had understood up to that point about concepts such as

* Continuous Integration and Deployment,
* why two pizzas matter when considering the number of people to have on a team,
* what a choas monkey is,
* Developer Anarchy

…and so much more.

It has been fun. I have set up this website and am writing this blog because of what I have learned. And I look forward to having even more fun, learning even more and writing about it here!

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