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Take hold of the shaft of the pen.
Subscribe to the first step taken
from a justified line
into the margin.

Seamus Heaney - The First Gloss

And so we started…

Not as medieval monks annotating a religious text (anyone who knows us would cry foul if we claimed that). But as those seeking to add some notes in the margins of the Internet.
In the hope that others may find them useful.

We write on the elements of life that interest us…

Broadly these elements fall into three main categries -

  1. Digital - musings on how best to digitally deliver SAP (third largest software company in the world - see Forbes' list of largest software companies by sales)
  2. Programme - understanding how best to address the challenge “Programme or be programmed”
  3. Miscellany1 - other things that have picqued our interest on the way through life.

Links to each of these three main categories are provided below.

1 Miscellany

  • Miscellaneous items.
  • A collection of writings on various subjects or topics; an anthology.
Wikitionary - the Free Dictionary