In developing the ideas we have for digitising SAP delivery, we have come to understand a lot of the tools, techniques and tips associated with non-SAP 'digital' delivery. Focusing mainly on what we have learned going from being a complete noob to not quite so much of a noob in the last 24 months. We focus on the use of JavaScript (coupled with HTML5 and CSS3) both client and server side to deliver applications that are usable and useful.

Page Rank

23 December 2017 by Martin Driscoll

The way things stand on 23rd December 2017, the page ranks no higher than 4th on the 5th page of

I will make some changes over the coming weeks and track whether they make any difference on updates to this post.

Getting Started

25 May 2015 by Martin Driscoll

I like working hard. I always have and I suspect I always will.

For more than 20 years that hard work paid off handsomely. I was rewarded hansomely (relative to most but certainly not as handsomely as some) and was able to travel the world both at work and at leisure. I naturally seemed to make progress through the ranks and never felt like I needed a ‘five year plan’ or an answer to the standard “where do you want to get to” because that progress was my measure of success.

As long as I kept progressing, having fun and working hard, I would be happy.

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WTS Services is a professional services company focused on delivering business change through IT (SAP) enabled change. In parallel, as STEM ambassadors, we look to spread the wider digital word to school of any age (including middle and old).