We help to deliver SAP...Digitally

Yes, but what does that mean?

We know SAP. Consequently we understand how SAP solutions can be praised but also how they are (often) criticised. Criticism that can often stem from the sorts of monolithic application bloat and poor user experience that 'two pizza' delivery teams focused on 'digital' delivery actively seek to avoid.

In our opinion the challenge facing SAP's customers today is finding the right team and delivery approach to allow them to strike the right balance between rapid and frequent delivery that's visible to their customers, suppliers, partners and enterprise users and maintaining what, by its very nature, is a relatively complex back end set of enterprise applications (whether they're ECC, S/4 or some other SAP product). How best to commission 'two pizza' teams that can quickly compose applications from a set of available (micro)services and allow those applications to be deployed to production with automated continuous integration, testing and delivery tooling? Without having this process impeded by the speed of back-end application changes or running the risk of the 'two pizza' teams delivering applications whose own logic undermines that of the back-end applications.

That is today's challenge!

SAP Services

We remember 2.2 R/3 although freely admit we never logged onto a mainframe to see R/2.
That being said, we maintain that more than 20 years working around the world delivering SAP solutions to generate business value allows us to hold a set of valid opinions.
Opinions about works well as well as what might not work so well.
We can bring our experience to bear on work you require in
  • Developing or reviewing your overall SAP Solution Architecture
  • Validating the integrity of your current SAP Deployment Plans
  • Confirming your SAP Roadmap
Please ring us on +44 (0)7942211071 or Email us today to see how we can help.
Digitising SAP

Digital. Digital Transformation.

Toyota's Production System includes multiple concepts, disciplines and ways of working that can be applied way beyond automotive manufacturing. One such discipline is that of asking Why 5 times. It is only after you have successfully answered the Why at the fifth level of ever-decreasing detail that you can be said to fully understand something.

We believe the same is true of fully understanding "Digital" in today's IT market place. It is, in our opinion, often too easy to claim 'Digital this' or 'Digital that' in today's market. Most especially when it comes to SAP. Clearly SAP is a three letter acronym that covers an ever-increasing number of products and services. No one person can legitimately claim to know all of SAP.

We have spent the last 3 years seeking to understand how to take the best of SAP and the best of the non-SAP 'digital' tooling and methodology. And how to combine them in a way that truly combines the best of SAP and the best of digital.

We believe that we all have the need and ability to learn. Whether we are at school or we have left formal eduction far behind.

When not delivering the SAP services our clients require, we actively seek to spread the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) word in schools wherever and whenever we can.

You do not have to look far these days to see, hear or read stories the impending rise of the robots. We believe that we collectively have a choice to make - 'programme or be programmed'.

Part of what we do on a daily and weekly basis is aimed at giving back and finding ways to help the current generation of school children understand what it is to code. If you have not yet caught up with Scratch or Hour of Code then please do. Most especially if you have children in your life. It will be important. You can make a difference.

Life can be viewed simply as a series of choices, decisions and consequences. You come to a fork in the road, you choose the left or the right and consequentially end up in one place or another.

However, the choices and decisions are very often not simple. And the consequences can be significant.

If, for no other reason, than each consequence can trigger a number of further initially unforeseen choices to make and decisions to take. Including, perhaps, having to retrace your steps and take the other fork in the road.

Good choices tend to be made when decisions are informed by knowledge and experience. Without deep knowledge to rely on, we are left with just opinions and beliefs. Or we are left to seek the knowledge of others.

Increasingly opinions are everywhere. Perhaps knowledge is hared to discern. We can all now access the long tail of opinion and 'fact' on the Internet. However, increasingly, we may feel that neither quite provides the information we seek. We worry, therefore, whether we have sight of all available choices and end up questioning whether the decision we are about to take is the right one.

At WTS Services we clearly can not and do not profess to have all the knowledge but we do have solid experience. This experience ranges over more than 20 years of SAP delivery. Global SAP delivery.

We believe this experience allows us to hold strong opinions about how best to digitise SAP delivery. We further believe that these opinions can help existing and future SAP customers to understand how best to leverage the advantages that they see being bundled elsewhere under the 'Digital' banner. And that answering the 'how best to digitise SAP' question will face every SAP user at some point in the next 10 years.

So if you are faced with a set of SAP choices ahead of what feels like a difficult decision and would like a second opinion, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help you make a choice, take a decision or deal with any consequence.

In the meantime, you'll find a number of our opinions being discussed further on the blog pages of this site.

Our Blog.

Further exposition of our Opinions

Occasionally we will publish our thoughts on a number of subjects on the blog section of this site. You will find links to the five most recent below and all of them here.

We tend to post on any of the following three main topics

  • Digitising SAP
  • Getting a very basic grip on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Miscellany

Happy reading. Please let us know what you think in return. Directly through the comments section (typically available against each blog post), via Twitter or through email.

Page Rank

23 December 2017 by Martin Driscoll

Page Rank Image

The way things stand on 23rd December 2017, the page ranks no higher than 4th on the 5th page of google.com.

I will make some changes over the coming weeks and track whether they make any difference on updates to this post.

Digital SAP

19 November 2017 by Martin Driscoll

Digital SAP Image

I left work in 2015 setting myself the challenge to learn what all the non-SAP people I worked with seemed to be calling ‘digital transformation’. The best definition I could find at the time for ‘digital transformation’ was something like ‘delivering business change and adding value through the delivery of technology change’. To me this sounded exactly the same thing that I had been doing for 20 years in the SAP space yet many seemed to be saying that SAP was old and ‘not digital’ while many other things (that I knew nothing of) were new and clearly ‘digital’.

This did not make sense to me. So I thought I would investigate further.

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Desert Island

12 October 2016 by Martin Driscoll

Desert Island Image

Which discs would you take to your desert island?

I have put off answering this question despite having listened attentively to Kirsty (and her predecessors) as she casts people away every week on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs.

I reserve the right to change my mind….most especially because the first draft of the list looks a little melodramatic.

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Getting Started

25 May 2015 by Martin Driscoll

Getting Started Image

I like working hard. I always have and I suspect I always will.

For more than 20 years that hard work paid off handsomely. I was rewarded hansomely (relative to most but certainly not as handsomely as some) and was able to travel the world both at work and at leisure. I naturally seemed to make progress through the ranks and never felt like I needed a ‘five year plan’ or an answer to the standard “where do you want to get to” because that progress was my measure of success.

As long as I kept progressing, having fun and working hard, I would be happy.

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WTS Services is a professional services company focused on delivering business change through IT (SAP) enabled change. In parallel, as STEM ambassadors, we look to spread the wider digital word to school of any age (including middle and old).